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Please email or call 224-281-5878 for questions or to make an appointment.  We are willing to try to work with you on any issues, please just ask if interested, don't assume we will turn you away. 

We do run a credit and background check that is $60 per adult who will be living in the apartment, if you are honest with us upfront, we can tell you if you would pass before we run a background check in order to save you the fee if you would not pass.  If you don't have good credit but have made an effort we can work with you on that. We do call references for income and previous landlords.  If there are problems in your past and you are curious, let us know.  We do have an interview with you after getting your reports to review them with you and ask you any questions and give you a chance to ask us any questions.  The rent can not exceed 50 percent of your income, and we prefer to see it at or below 30 percent.

Security deposit depends on credit check but ranges from one to two months rent.  The pet deposit is non-refundable and is $200 per dog or per group of cats (much lower then our competitors!).  We are willing to work with you on pet issues and deposits.     The security deposit does depend on credit reports, but for anyone who would be accepted, the deposit is between one and two months rent but we are willing to talk with you about it.  


1. No recent evictions on your record and we need to know what has changed if you do have one on your record.

2. No violent crimes / insurance fraud / sex offender status.

3. Proof that you pay your bills reliably and on time.

4. Solid references.

5. Proof of income.

6. We try to have then rent around 30% of your income but for someone with a good financial history, we can go to 50%.

7. One month security deposit.

8. Deposit and rent must be paid before move in.

9. Background check of every adult, $60 each.

10. Clean criminal background.

11. Lawsuits and Judgments against you are taken on a case by case basis.

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