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Occupancy:  Occupancy is limited to 2 people per bedroom, plus 1 total per unit if under 3 years old.  A studio or 1 bed is limited to 2 people, or 3 if there are children under 3.  A 2 bed is limited to 4 people, 5 if children under 3.  Etc.

Adding people to the lease: We do not add people to the lease during the lease term except for very special circumstances.  If there is someone who you might want to have live with you in the next few months, they need to apply with you and be on the lease from the start or wait for your renewal. 

Visitors may not be at the apartment when you are not there and the number of visitors at any time is restricted to allowable occupancy numbers for your unit.  This is for the safety of all of our tenants and is grounds for immediate eviction.


Credit and Background:

-Background checks and credit checks can only be bypassed with very good reason and at minimum a double deposit depending on situation.

-We check to see if you have evictions, missed payments, lots of debt, legal issues, violent crime or a background likely to impact our property.

Holding:  With payment of 1/2 the security deposit, we can hold the apartment for up to two weeks and have the deposit become part of the security deposit.  Before move in the rest of the deposit and first months rent must be paid.  If holding longer then two weeks, additional fee that does not go into the security deposit is required.  If you hold the apartment and do not move in, you sacrifice the holding deposit.

Full deposit and first month's rent required before move in.  

We no longer take section 8 or other public aid.  We prefer to work with our tenants one on one without a middle man.

One person from the household will be the official spokesperson for the tenant to avoid confusion.

We Prefer Zelle or Quickpay Payments.  We also accept check and money orders or can make alternative payment arrangements.  We do take credit card, but if utilizing Credit Card, we charge a 3% Fee if the card is swiped in the office and a 4% fee online or over the phone.  

Receipts:  The receipt policy is below.  For all receipts, you are responsible for assuring you get a receipt.  For cash, you must get a receipt when you hand the payment over.  Cash must be given over at the office during business hours.  Failure for the tenant to ask for a receipt is not the responsibility of Cuming Holdings LLC.  

If Paying Electronically and On Time and in full: Receipts will be sent electronically once a month on the last Friday of the Month or day your rent is paid, whichever is later.

If Paying Electronically other: Receipts will be sent electronically once we have received your payment during a business day.

If Paying by check on time and in full:  Receipts will be sent electronically once a month on the last Friday of the Month or day your rent is paid, whichever is later.

If Paying by check or other: Receipts will be sent electronically once we have received your payment, during a business day.

Cash or other methods of payment: Receipts will be sent electronically during the collection.  Cash must be paid in the office and you are responsible for assuring you have the receipt before leaving.  A picture will be taken with you handing over the cash to show the amount.

We will soon be adding more online functionality including invoices etc.


A new policy going into effect for 1/1/2020 is for all tenants to have an email address and phone number on file for notifications and invoices etc.

For meetings arranged to talk to the owner, we are always happy to have meetings with you to go over any issues and will always try to accommodate you within a few business days; However, if you arrange a meeting and either do not show up or cancel less then 48 hours before the meeting we will work with you once to re-schedule for when it is convenient for the company.  If you miss or cancel on short notice a second time in a row, then we will let you know when our available office hours are, but will not be able to guarantee a meeting on the schedule.

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