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Cuming Holdings LLC- Development Group Series

The development group is a side company distinctly separate from Cuming Holdings LLC (Elgin Rents). At the development group, we work on project management for our clients, interfacing with contractors, governmental bodies, architects, suppliers and more, to get your rehab or new building done with the least stress to you as possible.  With our experience in working with these groups and doing rehabilitations, build outs and builds, we can save you significant money, time, and headaches in getting your project done.  We charge a very reasonable amount compared to similar companies and offer a usually higher level of service, but we can customize any package for you.  We can consult and advise on architectural plans for you, materials, timelines, wants and needs.  With our CEOs experience in business consulting, we can even offer small scale business consulting combined with your project to make sure you get what you really need, and not just give you what you want up front.  We specialize in making it easier for you, and breaking it down.  Why go out there and struggle and spend more when we help guide you to a better and less stressful solution.

You can contact Cuming Holdings Rentals to reach us in the same office, or email us at

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