Cuming Holdings LLC. is a family business in the heart of Elgin, IL offering competitively priced Residential, Retail and Commercial space. We are attentive, responsive, committed to quality and personal service, working with residents and businesses to make the entire community better off.  We are very pet friendly and easy to work with.   We may not be the cheapest, but we are the best value. We work for our reputation.  Email us at to see what we have, what is coming available, to join our waiting list and get priority on a future unit!  Let us know what you are looking for and we can try to help you find it. We are always available.
Se Habla Espanol. - 224-281-5878
Available Now
Amazing efficiency available now above the shops in downtown Elgin!  Come see the place right where everything happens! 225 E Chicago St #2
Luxury 2 bed apartment, 372 St Charles St, available now!  Amazing first floor unit.
Commercial space is available in our building at 77 S Riverside!  Now only 1 great office unit on the second floor. 
Also, a large beautiful office in the historic McBride building, 2nd floor, is available.
A lovely private office on the 3rd floor at McBride is available.
A nice basic studio on Hill Avenue is available soon!
Our available commercial space is available for immediate move in.  We can work with you to get your dreams off the ground.  Cheaper then renting shared office space and getting a lot more!   For our residential, we can work well with you!
Coming Soon
A lovely private office on the 3rd floor at McBride should be available early May 2020.
Monthly Homepage Update
March 16, 2020: With the current coronavirus situation, if you are a tenant of ours and having any issues as a result, please contact us ASAP so we can make a plan with you to cover your individual needs.
We have commercial available now in a variety.  We have 3 apartments ready now and one more later this month.  We do have some great office space and are currently expanding so come see what we have to offer!  We also have some apartments available now!  Call us to see what you might be looking for, sometimes units change over sooner or tenants move between units freeing up a great unit for you! Email to find out more!
Big News, we now have our monthly (or possibly a little more) update letter coming out for out tenants.  This will let them know what is going on in the company right now, in the city, events and traffic to be aware of, etc.  It is visible through a regular email when we update it every month or so (not more then 3 times a month maximum) or here on this site.  To view it or sign up, click here.
News about the Downtown Elgin Top 20 is there.  Also, news about a pet rescue group we work with will be joining the letter soon, but the fundraiser/dinner/auction is scheduled for April 16th, 5-8 PM at the fabulous Light Lounge at Vern's (77 S Riverside Drive, Elgin) with food provided by Habibi's Mediterranean food, coming soon to downtown Elgin.  For more information or to buy tickets, go to
"They care about their tenants! Good people to do business with."

- Samantha N,

“Cuming Holdings is direct, honest and great to work with"

- Jamie Berry

I rent from these folks and I have for quite a few years, and yes, it’s true that some of their rental prices are on the higher end, but you get what you pay for. Their properties are all taken care of and maintained amazingly well. Have an issue or problem with your unit and it’s handled immediately. They care about their properties and their tenants and go above and beyond.
-Trish R.


-Angie A

"Just want to put it out there... Andrew Cuming and his management team are amazing. Alicia Burns Miranda takes care of her tenants"

- JB

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